Please check the following contents before asking.

About the Heavy User Mode

You can buy at "Config" scene in this app.

The notification reminding the exp-date has never appeared.

< for iPhone / iPod / iPad >

Home -> Config icon -> Notifications
 -> Select ItemKeeper from list.
  -> Check the notification allowing state.

Why are there the main and sub categories? When do we use it?

For example, create the main category with "food", "medicine", and "daily necessities", and register the sub categories with "kitchen", "storage room", "toilet", and other locations. For instance, it is convenient to classify canned foods as "food" and record what is in the "storage room" when registering it. This is just an example, and you can freely decide how to divide the categories. Subcategories are optional and do not required.

What is the "Little" mark that can be set on an item? When do we use it?

In particular, you may judge to buy the next item, such as juice, shampoo, or liquid detergent, depending on the remaining amount. In such a case, please use this "Little" display. After replenishing the stock, turn off the "Little" mark. "Little" marked items will also be reflected on the Info screen.

I purchase the Heavy User Mode, but why don't Ad deleted?

The Ad hide service is only for the full screen Ad. The banner Ad on top of the screen can not hide. Please note that.

What is the star mark that can be set for each item? When do we use it?

It's like a favorite feature. Use it as an item you want to pay particular attention to or as a hint when shopping. Notifications for this item will now be displayed at the top on Info screen.

The account register process is failed.

The account ID already exists or the network connection is failed.
If the former occurs, you should change to another ID.
When the latter case, please retry after checking your network environment.

About the accounting item you purchased.

< for iPhone / iPod / iPad >
If you have purchased the Heavy User Mode and the Backup service before, you can restore using same apple ID on same device.
Then the app shows following screen. If you proceed that process, you can use those services without accounting.

[ iPhone/iPad] "When you left here" - I didn't get notification again.

It is only iPhone / iPad function. For iPhone, please check if the "location" is "always" for the ItemKeeper app from the device settings. Also, please use the "Remind" setting from where GPS radio waves can reach.

ItemEdit screen does not open from voice shortcut with Siri.

< iPhone / iPad only and for iOS 12 or above user.>
It seems that the automatic registration of shortcuts by the app did not work. Sorry to trouble you, but please manually register my shortcut from the shortcut app to the Itemkeeper.

Cannot login to the data sharing service on my older Android.

Older Android 7.1 and lower models do not support the latest server certificate format, so this function cannot be used.

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