About "Item Keeper"

It is a smartphone application for both iPhone and Android.
It has calendar, category classification, notification, camera shooting, data sharing function and so on.
You can manage the time limit of stored food, rental items, coupons, etc. in your home. Also, you can register the remaining number and check stock.

You can transfer data other device. It can including inter iPhone to Android too, so you don't have to re-register your items each time you buy a new device.

Install this application

Please install it to your iPhone / iPad or Android from the button below.

App features

Let's introduce the distinctive features that the Item keeper has.

Simple and convenient registration function

You select due date from calendar, and then register only with item name or image.
You can change the number of items by tapping the button from the item list!
It is easy to manage because items can be put for each place and classification.

Info view and notification

Items in the near due date or out of stock can confirm collectively on the info screen.
There is also a re-notification function a message when you move a place or come specified time.(iPhone only)

Data sharing function

You can share your app's data by linking your account to your family and friends.
Everyone can share your input information in real time, and your family's conversation become maybe more enjoy!

Register / search by barcode or QR code

Since you can read barcodes and QR codes from the app and register them, you can search and check smartly even if there are many items.

Multiple due date registration to the item

You can set multiple due dates for one item.
Please use it when you want to manage the shelf life in stages when you add stocks such as sweets.
* If you are using the data sharing feature, please update to the latest version of the ItemKeeper app for all iPhone / Android.

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"Item Keeper" has fellow apps that has derived functionality based on the user's request.

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For business, Item Keeper

Item Keeper for Biz

"Item Keeper" for business that enables management of a large number of items. When you use this for your work, and can use "Item Keeper" with private use.


Inquiry about the app

Please feel free to contact us for application bug reports and improvement suggestions.

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